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“Feed the youth the truth in a fashionable way”…The intention and purpose behind the Black Heroes Clothing brand. Initially a line of T-shirts, donned with hand-painted designs by a local Chicago artist; the brand has grown into a collection of garments for men, women , and children. 

The inspiration for Black Heroes came from the desire to provide the culture with a brand that exhibits positivity, and educates the consumer about the magnitude of contributions made to society by African Americans through various inventions and innovative thinking. Children were the initial focus for Black Heroes, but in order to be able to influence the youth the attention of the adults that they look up to and mimic must be received.

The brand began in 2009, with a made-to-order business model, but as demand started to increase the method of production had to be changed. The message went from being on the shirt to through the purchase of the garments. Hand-to-hand exchange was how the garments were delivered, along with the purpose behind the brand. The intention has always been to inform the consumer of the movement so they were aware and able to pass that on. 

Black Heroes isn’t just another clothing line, there’s a mission and a purpose; and the more people get involved the wider the message spreads. Once people become informed they are able to educate the children; who are then conscious of their own potential and know who they are. Everything comes full circle.

“Go where you can grow” is the motto the owner, Ronald Palmore, lives by. This way of thinking allowed him to expand the reachof his brand, and hopes that it helps to broaden the minds of the culture.




Heroes grow heroes. You have to be one to understand.


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